Melius Consulting aims to integrate improvements within the business at all levels, ensuring the sustainability of change.


01. PLAN

Engage the customer.

Define the opportunity/problem.

Go, Look, See and Listen.

Quantitative and qualitative data.

Analysis and proposal.

Refine the opportunity/problem.

Modelling and future state.

Define the scope.

Generate the plan.

Create visual metrics for success.

Assign resources.


02. DO

Commence the change as per the plan.

Track the metrics for improvement.

Practical problem solving as needed.

Periodical reporting at each level.

Effective communication strategy.

Engagement with teams affected.


Data analysis to quantify the improvement.

Health, Safety and Business improvements.

Audit and review of change with team members.

04. ACT

Redefine standards and procedures as required to reflect the change.

Deploy continuous improvement cycle.