S2 Ep 010: Managing Fatigue in an Emergency Department

FEATURING: Dr John Iliff, Emergency Medicine, Senior Registrar
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Dr John Iliff is an Emergency Medicine, Senior Registrar based in Perth, WA.

About John

An Irishman who was educated in Dublin he moved to Australia in 2012 to further his training in the field of Critical Care Medicine. Specifically seeking training in the field of Emergency Medicine. Whilst in Perth he has spent time in Intensive Care (Not as a patient), Anaesthesia and Paediatric Emergency Medicine, whilst maintaining his keen interest in Sports Medicine having previously been involved in SuperRugby as a Team Doctor.

Having worked in Emergency Departments for many years John has become accustomed to working night shifts and understands the importance of good sleep hygiene and is a firm believer that with performance in the workplace is easily linked to sleep quality.

Follow John on Twitter @johnnyiliff

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