Health & Safety Improvement Services


We have vast experience in the optimisation of shift patterns, schedules and rosters to meet operational and production needs while complying with health and safety legislation and regulation.  The strategic design of our fly in, fly out rosters reduce operational aviation costs while ensuring 24/7 production in remote locations.

Technology & Innovation

Melius Consulting identify opportunities to add appropriate technology solutions to minimise catastrophic/fatality risk within a business to enable a safe and productive work environment. We support the deployment of technologies that support health & safety and enable productivity whilst reducing costs through quality improvement.

Fatigue Risk Management

Our consultants are internationally recognised as leading experts in Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS). We utilise scientific expertise in conjunction with operational knowledge and expertise to develop data-driven, cost-effective, easy to deploy FRMS.  We have delivered FRM systems in mining operations, rail, remote drilling operations, military, aviation and facilities management that have led to a quantified reduction in risk, improvement in employee relations and enabled increased productivity through a reduction in operational downtime.


Our auditing and review services identify opportunities for improvement and provide inputs to the business planning cycle, auditing for compliance to Safety Management System Audits AS/NZS 4801:2001 or OHSAS 18001:2007 and additional legislative requirements. Our experience spans water utilities, power generation, power transmission and distribution, mining, rail, facilities management and processing operations.

Scientific data  analysis and diagnostics

Melius Consulting provides services scientific data analysis and diagnostics across health, safety, engineering and production disciplines to support a data driven improvement process. Our people are PhD qualified in scientific disciplines and statistics and are experts in the application of statistical analysis to derive maximum value for businesses.


Providing all aspects of project management services, with change management specialization in challenging environments, we have successfully led and supported projects globally and facilitated intervention initiatives. Through the provision of leadership and critical analysis, we diagnose key problem areas, recommend short-term containment actions whilst working with the business to identify long-term countermeasures.  We facilitate the implementation of organizational and management system solutions that rapidly improve performance to put organizations and projects back on track.

Our Approach

Melius Consulting aims to integrate improvements within the business at all levels, ensuring the sustainability of change.

01. PLAN

Engage the customer.

Define the opportunity/problem.

Go, Look, See and Listen.

Quantitative and qualitative data.

Analysis and proposal.

Refine the opportunity/problem.

Modelling and future state.

Define the scope.

Generate the plan.

Create visual metrics for success.

Assign resources.


02. DO

Commence the change as per the plan.

Track the metrics for improvement.

Practical problem solving as needed.

Periodical reporting at each level.

Effective communication strategy.

Engagement with teams affected.


Data analysis to quantify the improvement.

Health, Safety and Business improvements.

Audit and review of change with team members.

04. ACT

Redefine standards and procedures as required to reflect the change.

Deploy continuous improvement cycle.

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