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Good day and welcome to our 2nd knowledge share this year.

A new investigation into the effects of electronic gadgets has revealed that the removal of these devices for a set period does not affect sleep quality or quantity or influence performance in young athletes. The results suggest that to encourage optimal athletic performance, we should instead just let teenagers sleep in.

The Effects of the Removal of Electronic Devices for 48 hours on Sleep in Elite Judo Athletes” Click here

The researchers monitored the effects of the removal of these devices for 48 hours in 23 Judo athletes over a six-day period to measure sleep quality and next-day athletic and cognitive performance. The athletes attended an elite training camp at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and wore an activity monitor continuously to provide measures of sleep quantity and quality. Using actigraphy-based and subjective measuring, the researchers compared the athletes’ sleep performance on night two, when both groups had access to their devices, to nights three and four, when they were removed from the ‘device restricted group’.  They were surprised to observe no differences in physical or cognitive performance between the groups.

You can view a 90 second video titled “Let teenage athletes sleep inClick here


Podcast- Fitmen Movement 
“Episode 030 – Interview with Ian Dunican on Recovery & Performance Optimization” In this episode I discuss;

  • How do you measure sleep?
  • Are there differing levels of sleep?
  • Are there optimal amounts at each level?
  • Light sleep, Deep Sleep, REM (Rapid Eye Movement)
  • How much sleep does the average guy need or what is optimal?
  • Sleep in elite athletes and the much much more

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