Health, Safety and Performance Statistical Analysis and Reports


Health and Safety (HS) performance enables an organisation’s people strategy1 and has been shown to improve productivity, reduce waste, rework and lower cost. Many businesses and organisations have improved health and safety via a reduction in incidents, injuries or near misses leading to a reduction in All Injuries Frequency Rates (AIFR) or other HS metrics providing a platform to move into detailed analysis, modelling and the use of predictive analytics to strive towards ZERO HARM.

The use of data to improve business performance (HS, People, Productivity and Finance) is like any other business intelligence. It needs to provide leaders and managers with relevant, robust and timely information that can inform the decisions that influence ongoing business performance2.

At Melius Consulting, all our Consultants and Associates have experience conducting statistical analysis in academia and industry. Collectively, we have more than 300 publications (e.g. scientific papers, book chapters, conference papers) which make our people uniquely qualified to conduct statistical analysis on a range of HS data. Check out our research experience at the about us section via Google Scholar and or Research Gate.

These include descriptive data, observational studies, the efficacy of interventions, evidence-based data for root cause analysis, compare incidents, hazards, near misses by variables such as time of day, shift type, location. Multivariate analysis to identify the relationship and effect on production and finance and much more3. We can design bespoke packages to meet your need.

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