Integrated Health Monitoring Program


Health is multifactorial and therefore workplace health programs should include an integrated approach that focuses on nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and mental health 1 2. In order for such programs to be successful, they should target the specific needs of a workplace and support employees through all stages of the continuum of care from prevention, through to treatment and ongoing maintenance.  In line with this approach, Melius Consulting has developed an Integrated Health Monitoring Program to identify employees at potential risk of poor health outcomes (e.g. obesity, poor mental health, and sleep disorders) and support them to improve their overall health through individualised specialist interventions. This program will support the continuous improvement of an organisations Health Strategy through the collection of scientifically valid workforce health data and ensure employees ongoing fitness for work. Benefits to an organisation may include lower absenteeism, decreased presenteeism, increased productivity, decreased injury rates, improved engagement, lower turnover, greater employee satisfaction and a happier workforce overall.

The Integrated Health Monitoring Program aims to:

  • Systematically collect scientifically validated health data from employees.
  • Identify employees potentially at risk of poor health.
  • Support at-risk employees with individualised specialist interventions to ensure their FFW.
  • To regularly analyse, report and review current health data and trends to identify specific causes or variables that may be adversely impacting the health and productivity of employees.

The program involves participants completing an online health assessment, wearing a wrist-activity monitor to measure their sleep, followed by specialist referral if required to support the participant to return fit for work.  Organisations may choose to refer to their specialists or refer to Melius Consulting’s specialist team including Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Sleep and Respiratory Physician, Clinical Psychologist. All results are reviewed by Melius Consulting and a monthly report provided to the organisation detailing main health risks and individual referral recommendations.

Melius Consulting currently conducts this service for Tropican Gold Mine at Anglo Gold Ashanti Australia.

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