Literature Reviews and White Papers


At Melius Consulting, all our Consultants and Associates hold undergraduate, postgraduate and either PhD or MD qualifications in addition to their business experience. They also have academic appointments at various Universities in Australia, collaborate with many international academic institutions and hold scientific advisory positions. This makes our people uniquely qualified and positioned to develop Literature Reviews and White Papers for organisations.

A Literature Review (Meta-Analysis, Systematic, General, Narrative or Brief review) using the hierarchy of evidence1 has many benefits to a business or an organisation including;

  • An assessment of the current state of research
  • Identification of the experts¬†and institutions
  • Areas of further research.
  • Determination of methodologies used in past studies
  • Provides a direction for future research or projects

Similar, a White Paper2 may be developed to provide information in the form of a report to the organisation on a particular problem statement or a complex issue and provide an overview including current condition, target condition, benefits and recommended direction. A White Paper can be used to support leaders in understanding an issue, solve a problem, and or make a decision. Melius Consulting has experience in doing this for large Rail companies such as Metro Trains Melbourne, Mining Companies such as Anglo Ashanti Gold Australia and with the Military. Literature Reviews and White Papers are strongly recommended before embarking on a project or a business decision to ensure the best possible business outcome based upon the evidence at the lowest cost possible. Melius Consulting can assist your organisation.

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