Occupational Health and Performance Assessment


Understanding and assessing the status of employee’s occupational health is difficult for employees and employers and can be costly to undertaking large scale deployed of medical screening processes. To support an integrated occupational health and safety system, Melius Consulting provides an online Occupational Health and Performance Assessment.

The purpose is to assesses the current occupational health status of individuals and to identify potential areas of improvements for the user. The online assessment takes 20-30 mins and covers topics such as anthropometric information, insomnia, alcohol, smoking, sleep disorders, sleepiness, sleep habits, depression, and anxiety. Individual reports are available for download immediately upon completion of their assessment. De-identified data is then compiled into a detailed organisational report for Leaders and Managers. The organisational report presents the background, methodology, results, recommendations, and guidance for improvement within the business.

This supports an occupational health and performance strategy that is evidence-based and relevant to the organisation. Health-related interventions have been shown to improve individual health & safety and performance indicators such as product quality, productivity, absenteeism, cost reduction,1 and reputation 2. We have deployed such an approach with BHP and Anglo Gold Ashanti Australia, in our research with Edith Cowan University as part of assessing sleep and sleep problems in high-risk mining environments and with elite athletes in Super Rugby, Combat Sports, Australian Rules Football and Formula 1.

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