Dr Cele Richardson

Scientific Consultant

Dr Cele Richardson is a Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer in the School of Psychological Science at the University of Western Australia.

Cele’s research primarily focuses on sleep and mental health in young people. In particular, Cele has worked to develop the evidence base for novel treatments for sleep problems, such as Delayed Sleep Wake Phase Disorder and Insomnia, in paediatric populations. Most recently, Cele has moved into applying these effective sleep treatments to other populations, such as in young people with depression. Sleep and internalising problems, such as depression and anxiety, commonly co-occur and Cele works to elucidate mechanisms linking sleep with emotional problems in adolescence. Cele’s research is published in leading international journals, and she presents her work at national and international conferences.

Ultimately, through her research and clinical practice, Cele aims to optimise sleep and mental health in young people.