Dr. Mallis is the President and Chief Scientist of M3 Alertness Management, LLC. She is also the Senior Science Advisor to DB&A and is a Fellow with George Mason University where her focus is on fatigue risk management. She is an international leader in fatigue and alertness research, and is a widely published author and a popular speaker with both industry and government audiences.

Dr. Mallis has supported the Federal Aviation Administration, Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia, US Department of Defense, Transport Canada, National Aeronautics and Space Administration and numerous airlines and aviation companies. Dr. Mallis has been involved in defining the steps and requirements for FRMS under the FAA’s Flight Crew Duty and Rest Requirements.

Prior to founding M3 Alertness Management, Dr. Mallis was Chief Scientist for Operational and Fatigue Research at the Institutes for Behavior Resources and Director of Scientific Affairs for Alertness Solutions. From 1999 to 2005, Dr. Mallis led the NASA Fatigue Countermeasures Program at Ames Research Center, making significant contributions to safety, research, and education in the aviation and space environments.

Dr. Mallis’ research has been recognized through numerous honors and awards. She is a member of numerous scientific societies, serves on a number of scientific advisory boards, and participates in many editorial activities for publications within the sleep and circadian field. Her academic credentials include a B.S. degree in Physics with Honors from Villanova University, a pre-doctoral fellowship with Dr. David Dinges at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science from Drexel University.