Kelly Sansom

BSc (Hons)

Scientific Adviser

Kelly Sansom is a fourth year PhD candidate at the Centre for Sleep Science, the University of Western Australia, and the West Australian Sleep Disorders Research Institute at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Kelly’s research broadly focuses on how sleep disorders and sleep-related behaviours are associated with cardiovascular disease. Her research has been based on large well-characterised middle-aged cohorts from the Raine Study and the Western Australian Sleep Health Study. Kelly was awarded a Research Training Scholarship from the Australian Government and the Raine Study Top-up Scholarship to support her research.

Kelly has presented her research findings at local and international scientific meetings and conferences. Recently, Kelly was awarded the Raine Medical Research Foundation Prize for an outstanding oral presentation at the Western Australian Pregnancy Cohort Study 2022 Symposium. She is a current member of the Australasian Sleep Association and the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand.

Kelly is also passionate about community engagement. Kelly has delivered sleep education workshops and been involved in a number of science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs aimed at school students. Kelly also enjoys sharing her important research findings with the volunteers who participate in her research.