Neill Madeira​

Scientific Adviser

Neill Madeira has a wealth of experience in the sleep field. Working as a sleep scientist for over 15 years in the largest sleep laboratory at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Western Australia, he has specialised in the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders, particularly in the areas of sleep apnoea and breathing disorders requiring ventilatory assistance. Over the past 7 years Neill has taken on the senior sleep scientist role, managing the team of scientists, as well as the day-to-day operations for the diagnosis and treatment services of the laboratory. During these 15 years he has seen the sleep field grow and has seen first-hand the impact that poor sleep has on lives, both long term and day to day. Through effective treatment, he has found it extremely fulfilling being able to make a positive change in people’s lives.

Neill enjoys staying physically active and has always lived an active lifestyle. From athletics as a youngster to now regularly doing CrossFit and playing social basketball and amateur AFL, he always makes the time to stay fit and healthy. He has completed a marathon, several adventure races and a triathlon, and will continue to find ways to challenge himself as he is always up for an adventure.