Philipp Beranek

MSc, BSc

Scientific Adviser

Philipp Beranek MSc, BSc is a PhD Candidate at Edith Cowan University and Scientific Adviser at Melius Consulting. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport, Exercise, and Health (University of Basel, Switzerland), and a Master of Science degree in High-Performance Sport (Saarland University, Germany).

Philipp has worked as a tennis coach and strength and conditioning coach to amateur and elite athletes. He has conducted performance testing in individual and team sport athletes. To date, Philipp has published 11 peer-reviewed articles. His master’s thesis focused on the sleep health of tennis players. Philipp continues to be fascinated by the importance of sleep for physical and cognitive performance. His PhD project focuses on the role of the sleep environment in shift workers’ sleep in extractive industries. Philipp has been awarded with a Scholarship from Edith Cowan University and is supported by Melius Consulting.