Tim Smithies

BSc (Hons)

Scientific Consultant

Tim Smithies is a scientific researcher specialising in linking sleep and performance in elite populations. Within his research into elite populations, he has engaged in studies on jet-lag and travel fatigue, sleep behaviours and competition, and sleep loss and cognitive performance. Using his extensive knowledge and expertise gained by this research, Tim has consulted on travel plans, training schedules, and post-game sleep strategies for elite sporting teams.

As a researcher, Tim has both published and reviewed for numerous peer-review journals, along with writing articles for many scientific communication websites. He has also been a keynote speaker, a presenter at multiple scientific conferences, and a guest speaker on four podcasts.

In 2017, Tim graduated from the University of Western Australia, with a first-class honours in BSc Health Sciences specializing in Neuroscience and Psychology. Currently, he is a PhD student at the Esports Science Research Lab at the University of Limerick, where, with funding from the Irish Research Council, he studies the effects of sleep loss on elite esports performance.

Tim is an avid cricket player, having played premier grade cricket in Australia and England between the years of 2015 and 2019. Since relocating to Ireland, he has satisfied his competitive side mainly through playing the esport “Rocket League” competitively.